Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Prompt: Deer!Dean and Deer!Castiel

Dean pranced around the small forest clearing, showing off his antlers and his body for the group of female deer standing on the sidelines, watching him. There were other males in the clearing too and he eyed them warily, wondering which he’d need to fight in the upcoming weeks during Mating Season.

He felt another set of eyes on him and he turned. The owner of the gaze was another buck, about Dean’s age with a magnificent set of antlers. However, the other buck wasn’t showing off for the girls, he was simply staring at Dean.
Dean strode over to a nearby tree and vigorously rubbed off some of the velvet still clinging to his antlers. He stretched and threw his head, puffing himself up and strutting around the clearing as though looking for a fight. Every so often, he checked to make sure the other male was watching his display. He was.

None of the males displaying in the clearing noticed the direction of his gaze. None seemed inclined to pick a fight with him and he grumbled; he was a great fighter, how was he supposed to show off if no one would compete?

Then suddenly, the other buck moved from the sidelines and cut a path straight to Dean, head held high. Dean stopped and stared, eyeing the buck’s strong flanks and his shapely hindquarters.

“You don’t need to impress me. I’ve been watching you for a while,” the other buck said, coming to a halt closer to Dean than most males would get to another so close to the Season. Dean inhaled and the other buck’s scent filled his nostrils and his urge to mate rose higher.

“Who are you?” Dean asked, moving even closer to the buck and trying to urge him off of the field. Dean shot wary glances at the other bucks, but none seemed interested in his prize.

“Castiel,” the deer replied.


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